Messi Enters “Club 50” And Confirms What Everyone Already Knew: He Is the Best

Messi is not only one of the best football players of this generation; he is one of the best players of all time. It would have sounded crazy if someone said this out loud back in 2003 when young Lionel debuted at Barcelona C. Nowadays few commentators will ever contest this statement. When talking about Messi, the issue is not so much to find something that interests others but to pick only one from his many achievements. Indeed, sometimes it seems like there is not a week that passes in which Messi does not beat a record. One of his most recent milestones is having joined the so-called “Club 50”. This unofficial club is the name given to the group of footballers who have reached the heroic target of scoring fifty goals in international matches.

How Did Messi Enter Club 50?

The 29th of March 2016 would probably be a very noteworthy date in the life of any footballer other than Messi. This was the day after all that he scored his 50thinternational goal against Bolivia in a 2018 World Cup qualifier. Although beating Bolivia does not seem like a major accomplishment for a nation with the history of Argentina, this was, in fact, a very important match as Argentina was struggling to reach the top positions of its group. Moreover, it was not, by any standards, an easy match. After beating Bolivia, Argentina is now only two points behind Ecuador and Uruguay.

What Does This Mean to Messi’s Career?

Much like with Christiano Ronaldo, the player that the press insists to be his arch nemesis, it is often said that one of the few things that seem to be missing in his career, is the fact that he has not been able to perform for his national team quite on the same level as in Barcelona. It is not easy for any team in the world to win the FIFA World Cup and although Messi’s Argentina have been too close to reaching that glory, it does seem unlikely nowadays that Messi will ever raise the Cup as many commentators predict a decline of an Argentinian team in need of renovation. After being the youngest player ever to score for Argentina in a World Cup in 2006, the player of the tournament in 2014 World Cup and now, a member of Club 50, one can no longer say that Messi did not contribute to the quality of Argentina’s football.

Betting on Messi’s Future Glories

For both amateur and professional online casino betters, the upcoming years will turn out to be a very exciting opportunity to earn money. The unpredictability of his future performance in a period of inevitable physical decline will mean high returns for daring players. Scoring over fifty goals in international matches is something that few others have ever managed to do so key players better commit this to memory.


If there were any doubts regarding Lionel Messi belonging to the list of the very best footballers that ever lived, having entered Club 50 should have helped to clarify them. For the benefit of fans of the sport, there are still some years ahead to see him perform. Whether it will be at the high level that he has accustomed the spectator to, is something that online casino players ought to capitalise on.


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